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Glamee Plus-V2

Glamee Plus Generation 2, big capacity up to 2000puffs , innovation inside,best taste! No change till the last puff!


*Salt Nicotine:5%

* Big capacity: 7ml

* Battery:1300mAh

* Puff: 2000

* Delicate and dainty triangle design/Decoration ring

* Support E-liquid prefilled and filled abroad

* Unique Mesh coil design

* Design Patent

* Best Taste in the market

* Same as Caliburn taste!

★Glamee Plus(with mesh coil) 10 flavors:

* Strawberry cream
* Banana Ice
* Peach Mango Watermelon
* Peach Ice
* Blueberry Raspberry Lemon
* Strawberry Banana
* Strawberry Watermelon
* Guava Ice
* Pineapple Ice

* Taro Ice Cream

The reason why Glamee Plus is the best taste and innovative products ?

Unique Mesh Coil

The first and only disposable models embedded with Coil inside and just like Caliburn coil in the world. 

Best Taste

Best E-liquid filling in it, we're using top-level E-liquid from the best liquid company Zinwi, and we have asked them use the special ingredient, add more spice and sweetener, so it will be more sweet and fruity and original than other flavors.

Attractive Design

1,Attractive Design from well-known ID designer, the special shape different from others will catch your eyes among all kinds of disposables.

We have lengthen the Glamee Stick make it same length as Puff plus, and shorten the Glamee Plus meanwhile thicken it, make it same as the Pop,Xtra, so now their size are both the perfect and most popular size in the market already. It looks much more beautiful than before now.

Affordable Price

Big capacity with 2000 puffs, price is also very affordable, welcome for inquiry!



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